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Dan's Works

Writer, Co-Writer & Ghostwriter of:

  • Caldera and Caldera - A Man on Fire (novels) by Dan Baldwin 
  • Tom Hopkins’ Sales Prospecting For Dummies 
  • Sell It Today, Sell It Now, by Tom Hopkins and Pat Lieby 
  • Mastering the Art of Selling Mortgages by Tom Hopkins
  • Mastering the Art of Selling Financial Services by Tom Hopkins 
  • Be “Money Smart” by Robert Davis 
  • Right Beneath Your Feet by Robert Davis 
  • High Impact Leadership by Mark Sanborn 
  • Energy In The Organization, by Dr. Robert Rausch 
  • Heading For A Crash – How Pro Sports Rip You Off by Robert J. Tanterri 
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol & Drug Abuse (PublishAmerica, Inc.) by Dan Baldwin and George Sewell 
  • Find Me by the members of Find Me as told to Dan Baldwin (New River Press)  
  • The Investor’s Paradigm (CD series) by Garrett White 
  • Streetwise Guide To Property Management, by Mark Weiss and Dan Baldwin (Adams Media Corporation) 
  • Streetwise Guide To Restaurant Management, by John R. James and Dan Baldwin (Adams Media Corporation) 
  • Condos, Co-ops and Town Homes by Mark Weiss (Dearborn Publishing) 
  • Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Developer by Mark Weiss (Dearborn Publishing) 
  • Real Estate Flipping by Mark Weiss (Adams Media) 
  • The Real Estate Diet by Mark Weiss  
  • Financial Planning for Seniors by Ernest V. McDaniel 
  • Black Belt Parenting by Solomon Brenner 
  • I Will Not Be Denied by Omar Periu
  • The One Minute Meeting by Omar Periu 
  • Negotiation Art and Science by Omar Periu
  • From Zero to Wealth by Omar Periu 
  • Motivation Here and Now by Omar Periu
  • The Greatest Gift by Omar Periu
  • The Power of Motivation and Power Prospecting To Get In (CD series) by Omar Periu 
  • Foreclosures  by Omar Periu (CD series) 
  • Commercial Real Estate by Omar Periu (CD Series) To Sell or Not to Sell by Charles Biondo
  • Lawyers Are Liars by Mark Kohler (Nouveau Riche University) 
  • 50 tuition-based college training manuals for Nouveau Riche College 
  • Editor for Laaman on Sales #1 and Laaman on Sales #2, Laaman on Management, and How To Recession-Proof Your Sales in Any Economy  by Laura Laaman
  • Step Up or Step Out by Katherine Halpin
  • The I Can’t Get Enough Club (editor) by Mark Weiss
  • Upgrade by Mark Sanborn (editorial services)
  • How Find Me Lost Me - A Betrayal of Trust by the Psychic Who Didn't See It Coming - Dan Baldwin
  • They Are Not Yet Lost -True Stories of Psychic Detecting - Dan Baldwin
  • The  Psychic Detecting Guidebook - Dan Baldwin
  • Speaking With Spirits of the Old Southwest - Dan Baldwin and Dwight and Rhonda Hull
  • Conversations With Spirits of the Southwest - Dan Baldwin and Dwight and Rhonda Hull
  • A Stalking Death - Dan Baldwin
  • Trapp Canyon - Dan Baldwin
  • Bock's Canyon - Dan Baldwin
  • Slott Canyon - Dan Baldwin


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