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Writer's Digest Commentary - They Are Not Yet Lost

 A fascinating collection of true-life stories  involving psychic detectives called into help solve a myriad of  situations and crimes. We may have heard about psychics called  in to missing persons cases, and may have pre-conceived notions about the efficiency of such expertise. For those who  question the art and science of psychic detecting, this book is  illuminating, and we find ourselves digging deeper into what the  gift of psychic detection must be like to have as one’s own gift.  The author does an excellent job of creating  realistic situations, with an instinct to provide setting, dialogue and  written                      messaging beautifully enriched for our experiential  enjoyment. We’re right there in the search, and we listen to the psychics’ reports about a missing person having  planned his getaway, and that he may be fishing, with an adoption of the investigator’s mindset. Well done. Author has a  terrific instinct for pacing, never allowing a story to lurch, or                      delve into minutiae. Well done. Sections are  well-paced, and individual psychic detectives are differentiated well.  The order of the cases is smartly structured as well. I liked  the author’s decision to help the reader form their own psychic detective group, for those readers who may have  picked up this book to self-assess in his or her own perceived gifts.  That’s all-inclusive writing, and another gem of this  book. Good work.  


What Professionals Say About Books Ghostwritten By Dan Baldwin

 “Whether  you are planning your first meeting or brushing up on meeting etiquette and ‘how-to’s,’ The One Minute  Meeting will answer your questions. Omar Periu writes in his easy-to-understand, enjoyable style…” 

Zig Ziglar

Author, Speaker

“Tom  Hopkins has once again put together his unique blend of hands-on implementation, humor, and balance to make Sales Prospecting  for Dummies mandatory reading for the professional salesperson.

Dave Ramsey

Author of the New York Times Bestseller Financial Peace

Upgrade  is a great flight plan for the 21st century. I highly recommend it to anyone with the passion to prove and wanting  to enhance their opportunities for success.”

Howard Putnam

Former CEO, Southwest Airlines

“This Book (Sell It Today, Sell It Now) is a remarkable new approach for closing sales that will drastically increase your income.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books

“…loaded with sound, practical financial guidance.  If young people read this book (Be Money Smart), and take advantage of any retirement plans offered them, the benefits                      will be tremendous.”

M.J. Knutson

Retired President/CEO, American Concrete Pavement Association    


What Authors Say About Dan Baldwin’s Writing Skills

 "... Dan Baldwin is  the funniest, most delightfully creative, and fastest typing professional writer I have ever encountered ... If ever it is important that you write an effective book and you're not sure where to begin,  I say begin with Dan Baldwin."

Ernest McDaniel

Author, The Essential Retiree Money Guide

“… for his diligent research assistance, great sense of humor and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Good job, Dan!”

Tom Hopkins

Bestselling Author, Speaker 

“… but the one person that pulled it all together was Dan Baldwin from Mesa, AZ. The timing of our meeting was perfect and within a month we were hot on the trail of making this book happen. Dan expressed passion for the material from the outset. Thanks, Dan.”

Robert A Rausch, Ph.D.

Author, Executive Consultant/Coach 

“… Dan,  you are a terrific writer,  and I need you on my team to put my words and stories together  in an entertaining format that readers can and will enjoy. I recommend you highly as a skillful man who deserves much  recognition.”

Mark B. Weiss, CCIM

Author, Real Estate Professional 


“Dan  Baldwin, our writer, is a joy to work with. Thank you for tearing our  notes apart and putting them back together in a sound manner. Your talent for clarifying points  and creating analogies will make this a great tool for our readers.”

Tom Hopkins and Pat Leiby

Authors, Sell It Today, Sell It Now 

“This book has turned out so well that investors are calling me and investing more money after reading my book.”

Robert J. Davis

Author, Right Under Your Feet 


What Reader's Say About Dan's Novels


If  not for the fact that I had known the author in college, I never would have read Caldera. In  fact, westerns are not  my usual genre of choice for leisure reading. I must admit that  I began reading it with an equal mix of curiosity, skepticism and optimism. By the time I had finished (to paraphrase David  Alan Coe), I realized that my friend had written the perfect  western novel. The story and its rich cast of diverse  characters immediately grabbed me and pulled me into the harsh reality of the badlands of the post-Civil War (a.k.a. The War of Northern Aggression as it is still referred to in parts of          the South) Arizona Territory. It is a world populated by  grizzled frontiersmen, fierce Apache raiders, peaceful Pima allies, dangerous Mexican outlaws and a host of other believable,  period-appropriate characters who must interact with one another in an ever changing dance of survival of the fittest and most  resourceful. The "action" scenes are frequent, varied and compelling. It is also a story of relationships, love stories, deceptions, friendships, betrayals, temporary alliances,  and grudging co-existences. The many references to Native American culture, customs and language are authentic and well researched. Dan has written the perfect western novel.
Gus Wales

Advertising Executive

As  a writer, I'm always pleased to see another writer succeed. As a  professional freelance editor, I'm even more pleased when an editing client succeeds. I read a lot of manuscripts. Every now and  then, one comes along that screams for a sequel. That was the case with Caldera. Although Caldera is a long novel that left  me more than satisfied, it was such an excellent story that  it also left me hungering for more. When Dan told me he was  going to write Man on Fire, a sequel to Caldera, I didn't really care whether I got to edit it. I just wanted to read it. And  not to let the cat out of the bag, but I have it on good authority that Dan is planning at least two more books in the Caldera  series. I predict this will be a saga in the grand style of James A. Michener, but without all the misplaced modifiers.
Harvey Stanbrough
Poet, author, essayist, fictionalist, editor, instructor and Pulitzer Prize nominee for poetry.

Dan  Baldwin's novel, Caldera, is a rich experience on so many levels. His plot lines are anything but predictable - exciting  and gritty to be sure, yet frequently elevated to the spiritual, even the supernatural - sometimes disturbing, but always unforgettable. His characters, even the secondary and lesser ones, ring as authentic and as contrasting as wind chimes of pottery and brass. Baldwin's novel portrays the real Wild West, and          in particular the Arizona territory, as it truly was before statehood and great migrations rendered it "civilized" and long enough afterwards to present a historically balanced  and well-researched story. The characters of Caldera defy the stereotypes of heroes and villains, of Native Americans,  Hispanics and White peoples. They reflect the variety and complexity of the era - cowboys and Indians; drifters, gamblers and empire  builders; soldiers and settlers; farmers, ranchers and renegades; townspeople, prostitutes, merchants and madams - all against a  varied and beautiful, but raw and unforgiving landscape. Be forewarned, reading Dan Baldwin's Caldera places one in a vast  and virtual reality - an experience hard to leave and harder to forget, lingering long after the last word whispers an echo.  
Annette Tolbert

University art instructor